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Reduce pool  chemical costs by 80% with ionization

Meet the most effective and hygienic technology for disinfection of pool water. Iyontek provides natural and permanent protection with silver/copper ions while reducing pool chemicals by 80% in commercial pools and 100% in private pools.


Why Ionization?

The healthiest and environmentally friendly water disinfection method in the world.

Ionization reduces chemicals by 80%, so your pool expenses will be light and you will have silky soft water. With active silver, copper and zinc ions, your pool will always be at required levels set by World Health Organization.

Ions do not evaporate like chlorine or other chemicals. Therefore, they permanently fight bacteria, harmful pathogens and algae and maintain pH balance.

Using Iyontek, you will be rest assured of your pool water's hygiene and protection in all conditions. Enjoy the chemical free environment in and outsdide the pool!

What are the advantages?

Silver-Copper ionization technology has been practiced in the United States and Europe since 1988 and is specified in all relevant health standards. Today ionization, which is used as a standard method in hospitals, schools, hotels, municipalities and universities.

Reduces Costs

You can reduce your chemical costs up to 100% in villa pools and up to 80% in other large facility pools.

Protects Health

It reduces harmful micro-organisms, eye-skin disorders and carcinogenic effects to zero that methods such as salt and chlorine cannot completely dissolve.

Environmentally Friendly

It prevents the release of chlorine gas, reduces water consumption and saves energy consumption. It is the number one choice for sustainable living policies.

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Customer Reviews
It is not possible to provide water hygiene using chlorine within the framework of the criteria brought by the Ministry of Health. Moreover, chlorine evaporates within 2 hours and loses its effect. When used in excess, it creates a carcinogenic effect. I have been working with IYONTEK since 2004 in the facilities where I have been the technical manager and I am very satisfied with the result.

Cemal Nadir Yildirim - Calista Luxury Resort

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